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The City Rescue Mission of Saginaw is a nonprofit faith-based organization that provides emergency assistance to people of Mid-Michigan in their time of need. Individuals can come to the Mission to find the solutions to their physical and spiritual needs. The homeless alcoholic, drug addict, unwed mother, and domestic violence victim can find a safe haven for a fresh start at the City Rescue Mission.

Welcome Statement From Dan Streeter:Dan_Streeter.jpg

Welcome to the City Rescue Mission website. We appreciate your interest in the ministry of helping people in need find a place of Christian care during their time of distress. I hope you find our website accessible, informative, and inspirational as you see firsthand how lives are being changed on a daily basis.

For over thirty years, you have had the opportunity to watch a phenomenal change occur in the services provided for people in need in our area, prompting the creation of Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan in 2005.  From the start of Women's Emergency Shelter in 1982, to the addition of Community Village in 1992, and the recent addition of Good Samaritan Rescue Mission in 2005, Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan has been active to provide meaningful and compassionate care that has grown and adjusted to meet the changing community needs.  As a young boy, I have many memories of the old Mission on Third and Lapeer, just blocks away from where the current Mission stands. I remember the old chapel, the dorms, the meals served, and the men in need. It has been an amazing transformation of growth of facilities and services that has occurred over such a short period of time.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in many facets of the ministry over the past years, and looking back, God has been shaping me, and Dad has been training me. In my role as Executive Director, I am thankful to draw upon Dadís experience, as I strive to continue his legacy he has so excellently patterned for me.

We depend on your participation as much now as we did 109 years ago when the Mission first opened its doors. So many things have changed, and yet each day a new face walks through the doors of the Mission searching for a reason to keep going. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the struggles and solutions for the homeless in our area. My hope is that you will partner with us to make a difference in our community.

- Dan Streeter


Our Mission Statement

To glorify God
by serving people
in need, 
the Gospel,
and establishing
disciples among
disadvantaged people.